Fern plants everywhere

About Us

Jungle Supply was crafted in the spirit of comfy habitats and long satisfying stretches.

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The philosophy
Jungle Supply started with a simple idea—to express creativity as a gift by sharing through art with new and budding families.
The Look
Our designs play on an imaginative theme. We spark a kid-centered narrative and bring comfort to your space. Our original artwork series is composed of animal portraits, bold patterns and a crush of bright colours.
The Collection
From an original idea we gathered our fruit: a unique sampling of hand sketched patterns primed to become furry textures. Currently we’re creating a personalized collection of clothing, illustrations and cheerful tokens.
Wild and Free
The Jungle collection of art-based products was crafted in Europe with heart and hand, by a designer in pursuit of freelance slow-travel. Thanks to all creators everywhere—keep doing what you love.
We’re Listening
Check out our content on social media and tag us with #junglesupply—we love to see and hear your stories!

© 2018 Jungle Supply Co. Be kind to the animals.

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